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August Creative is owned and operated by Mychal HandleyDanielle Ruse.

Mychal Handley


As co-founder and Creative Director for August's web and graphic design projects, Mychal loves using design to break down complex ideas and processes into accessible images and experiences. She is passionate about sharing information and resources and is constantly seeking out creative ways to present ideas to diverse audiences.

Mychal's favorite projects include partnering with mission-based and minority-owned organizations and businesses who work to impact their communities for the better. Her fresh eye and playful aesthetic can be channeled in a multitude of different directions and have aided her in the creation of dozens of websites and designs for small businesses, community organizations, service providers and government agencies throughout Washington state.

Photo by Giselle Gabrielle Garcia

Danielle Ruse


Danielle is a communications advisor in the greater South Puget Sound and is a longtime downtown resident and arts advocate in Olympia, WA. Currently Danielle chairs the City of Olympia PBIA downtown business advisory board, is treasurer of Window Seat Media, a nonprofit that works to amplify community stories on the margin, and serves on the Board for the Olympia Artspace Alliance (because artists need space to work!). She is a long-time volunteer grant writer for the Thurston-Mason chapter of the National Alliance of Mental Illness, and is an avid reader and supporter of the Timberland Regional Library system.

Danielle is passionate about Public Policy and citizen participation, and is a 2020 candidate for her Masters in Public Administration from the Evergreen State College.

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